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Devi Lakshmi is the daughter of great saint Vrigu and Kheti (daughter of Daksha). She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

According to the ancient hindu mythology,one day Lakshmi was on the way accompanied by Indra (sovereign of the gods) in heaven. They met the great saint Dhurbasa. Dhurbasa offered a garland to Indra. Indra quite inattentively put the garland on the on the head of Oirabat (an elephant, convience of Indra). Oirabat fehlt uneasy and threw it away. He tampered the garland. Dhurbasa became very angry and cursed Indra that his companion Lakshmi should be duly punished. Innocent Lakshmi should leave heaven and return to earth. Then Lakshmi concealed herself under the mighty ocean. Later, with the request of all inhabitants (God and Godess) of heaven Lord Visnu agreed to rescue Lakshmi from under the water. He ordered churning the entire ocean. Then Devi Lakshmi came out of water and finally became the wife of lord Visnu.

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