Wednesday 30-July-2014
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    :: WELCOME ::

    We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your kind response to our newly founded Asian festival in Munich on 16th December 2007. Your participation is much appreciated by us because now we can look into the future with a larger expectation of many of our countrymen and women who want to create a working group in this part of Germany.

    This new cultural experience of the South-East-Asian festival is basically dazzling… beginning of what will prove to be a very beneficial endeavour – the most worthy cultural and intellectual endeavour for our fellow country people, because this type of  get together was absent up until now and we look forward to more such celebrations in this city. Your contribution is therefore indispensable. Let us keep in mind that living in a foreign country without affiliation to our roots is not easy. People of same origin should get together during occasions like Puja, ID and Christmas making it seem like a fun holiday at home. This type of recreation can keep us together where members can exchange their experiences abroad, discussing possible solutions of any difficulty being faced.

    One thing is absolutely sure, if we arrange more of this kind of festival of Indian sub continent, it will evoke a strong interest to participate in our people near to us. This way we can hold our Asian community together breaking the chain of isolation. Necessary paperwork and other arrangements to make our programmes successful should be shared by each and every one of us, if possible. Any suggestion in this regard is welcome.

    We therefore strongly urge the abandonment of seclusion for those living here and let us create a basis for the reorganisation of cultural programmes. If any body wants to organise any other kind of festivals involving our cultural values and customs please let us know and contact with our members for further help. We will render every kind of social and technical assistance for such purposes.

    We have witnessed a new sense of confidence by the performers of dance, songs, Sitar and Tabla performers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Germany, India and Sri Lanka as well as in the eyes of onlookers at the function. Praiseworthy are those who by dint of their hard work and artistic ability made this event successful. Especially a young girl Miss Lina Ghosh who performed Bharatnattam dance excellently, as a pride for the immigrant community by doing something exemplary as opposed to some folks living a miserable existence in the western world completely out of touch with their fellow citizens. Irrespective of creed or ethnic descent her oriental dance won hearts of people present in that evening. Other performers with rich cultural heritage that forms the foundation of Asian and Bavarian originality were Munich talents like Herr Moses Wolff, the master of comic jests, Gazal song by Mr. Dipak Acharya, IT Engineer, Bengali & Hindi songs by Mr. Saikat Bhattacharya, Sitar by Mr. Sunil Banerjee, Tabla by Pervez from Afghanistan, folksongs by Jasmin from Bangladesh. In future this programme will be made to be so widespread and cross-cultural as to be natural for us. Please see the attached pictures for your information.
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